Jeddah Islamic Port - Airport King Abdul Aziz International

 The Foundation of all services transit from the free zones of private and public to the places of export ports sea or air and also the services of transit from customs ports different to the various free zones where it is available for our cars closed unnecessary acts of transit Transit and Transit Ward and issued by the Jeddah Islamic Port to all ports of the Kingdom and the Gulf States and all countries of the world

The Foundation to provide shipping services received from all the ports in the Arab world and the world through its agents in all parts of the world to meet all of the services of maritime container joint company to provide all logistics services for containers common to its customers within the country from all international ports with containers and cargo general And cars

 The institution providing services of shipping issued to all ports in various parts of the world where we cover most of the international ports in Europe - North and South America - South East Asia countries, Persian Gulf and Africa The company has an extensive network of agents in various parts of the world as well as have a strong relationship to the shipping lines Navigation which meet the shipping services at competitive prices in order to serve our customers from the export of vehicles, equipment and general cargo out of the Kingdom

Air Cargo
Our taper Ta of companies operating in the field of air freight for shipment issued to all airports in the world, as well as shipments through a network of agents throughout the world as well as we get the prices of rival airlines

Transport and shipping
The Foundation provides all transport services, both for containers 20 feet or 40 feet or L. CL as well as the countries of North Africa, both of the containers or general cargo to and from the ports of the Kingdom. International road transport services: - Foundation provides all international road transport services to all Arab countries and the countries of North Africa, whether container or general cargo


Trip ticket

Repettak is short, the passport of the car... When traveling you should carry your passport and the passports traveling with you... And you must carry a passport and the car is a document the passage of customs of the car and the duration of validity of the organization issuing this document
Consulting customs
The company provides all the customs clearance in all customs offices, whether naval or air as well as dry ports. And will be happy to respond to all inquiries on your company's phone numbers

 The deposit and export
Foundation provides storage service transit goods in the area of deposit coming from the ports of the Kingdom as we can store the containers
Which has no navigational line to neighboring countries. 




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